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Why Yassah-Rose Early Learning

Finding quality teaching resources can be challenging for kindergarten teachers. Between the demands for children, admin and parents finding time to plan engaging lessons, find and vet resources the prep them can feel overwhelming! 

Not to mention the cost.

Yassah-Rose Early Learning was created to ease this burden. Here kindergarten teachers have access to targeted teaching resources that cover ELA, Math, STEM and Social-Emotional Learning. These resources are designed to align with both specific learning standards as well as how children learn best. They are also developed to reflect the same dedication kindergarten teachers have to their children.

On a personal note, Yassah-Rose Early Learning was developed to honor the memory of my grandmothers – Grandma Yassah and Grandma Rose. These two women instilled a love of learning in their children and as a result their grandchildren.

At Yassah-Rose Early Learning we are always growing to meet the needs of kindergarten teachers like you. If you ever have a question or need support reach out at info@yassahrose-earlylearning.com.