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The Story of Yassah-Rose Early Learning

When the world fell into a crisis concerned and desperate friends and family members reached out to Korbalagae. They knew her as a passionate, focused and skilled kindergarten teacher who could help them ensure their children’s learning did not suffer. She was more than eager to help!

In creating digital and printable products to share with the parents who contacted her, she quickly realized that providing resources alone would not be enough. As a qualified teacher with over 15 years experience in the US, UAE, Cameroon and Liberia she understood the most effective teaching methods but realized those she was serving may not. Her answer was to share her knowledge about how and why certain resources are used with young children through her blog and YouTube videos. As she shared her knowledge with parents, her fellow teachers also requested support. Knowing the classroom needs teachers face are different she needed to ensure that her resources were

  • applicable to different teaching themes
  • simple for adults to prepare
  • skills and standards focused
  • fun for children

Accounting for all of these makes teaching easier whether at home, in a school or a child care setting. And so Yassah-Rose Early Learning (named after her two grandmothers, Grandma Yassah & Grandma Rose) was created and deliberately designed to bridge the gap in knowledge, skill and resources between school and home.

Creating and sharing resources for both parents and teachers achieves two main goals

  1. children learning to read in fun ways.
  2. parents and teachers becoming partners in children’s learning.

Read more about our founder in the About Us section. Feel free to email us at