There are loads of free letter sounds songs and resources on the internet that you can use but one of my favorite Jack Hartmann songs. The best part is you can find loads of his stuff that he uploads on YouTube for free. 


Jack Hartmann songs for kids are simple and easy for little ones to catch onto and it’s no surprise given that he has a background in child psychology. I believe his experience with differently abled children comes through in how well structured his songs are and the variety of ways he gives children access to the same content. 

Though all of the songs in this list focus on the letter sounds, the beats and additional flavor is different. For example, some children may have sensory issues or sensitivity to noises so a more soothing version of an alphabet song may be appropriate. Sadly YouTube currently doesn’t allow content made for kids to be saved into a playlist but I’ve gathered a few of my favorite Jack Hartmann alphabet sounds songs. 


Alphabet Songs with Sign Language

Any resource that allows children to master a primary skill and exposes them to other useful skills is awesome.

I really love this Jack Hartmann video. The beat is slightly upbeat but it introduces a physical component in sign language. embed video.


See It, Say It Sign It

This song tells children “You can do it if you try!” Messages like this are so important for young children to receive as they develop not only their letter sound knowledge but also their identity. 


Alphabet Sing and Sign

This video bring in the concept that the letters of the alphabet have both upper and lowercase letters in addition to the letter sounds.


Rap It Read It Say It Sign It

Letter Recognition

These videos focus on children’s ability to visually recognize the letters of the alphabet. Each letter is shown for about 2 seconds and little ones have to shout out the name. Turn this into a game by using a phone to play the video and passing it back and forth while each person shouts the letter they see. 

Alphabet Automacity – Lowercase


Alphabet Automacity – Uppercase

Songs to Play During an Activity – Background music

This Jack Hartman video has a repetitive and easy beat for little ones to sing along. He not only introduces the letter names but also the sounds and a visual representation of each song.


Alphabet Song

This song has bit an island feel with a calypso beat. I’m sure your little one will love dancing and singing along. songs like these are great for background music as little one play with different activities such as alphabet sound sensory bins


Learning Letter Sounds Version 2

Workout Alphabet Songs

Get your little one up and moving with these alphabet workout songs. Children have to listen and follow directions for identifying the letter name, letter sound and the word that has the same start at the beginning. These would be a great for those moments when your little one needs to get up and move around between activities. 

Workout to the Letter Sounds Version 3


Workout to the Letter Sounds Version 2


Bonus Song

Though an exercise song, this video focuses more on the begging sounds of words. It’s still great for kiddos that are ready for this step!


Exercise to the Beginning Letter Sounds

I hope your little one enjoys these fun Jack Hartmann songs for kids.

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