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Use these fun alphabet sensory bin activities to teach your little one their letters in the most fun way possible.


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Teaching the alphabet can sometimes seem like a chore unless you do it the right way – the fun way. Nevertheless, if you, like many busy moms and dads, struggle with making sure your little one is getting the appropriate amount of time spent on learning activities at home, sensory bins are a great solution! For example, these fun ABC sensory bin activities may be your saving grace because they help little children develop many skills.

Skills You Can Practice Using Sensory Bin Activities

Motor Skills

  • Digging

  • Scooping

  • Pinching

  • Dragging

  • Pushing

Letter Knowledge

  • Spelling
  • Letter Shape Recognition

  • Letter Name Recognition

  • Upper-Uppercase Letter Matching

  • Upper-Lowercase Letter Matching

  • Lower-Lowercase Letter Matching

  • Letter-Sound Match

  • Letter Order

Tip: Looking at the list above you can see how these alphabet sensory bins are actually great for toddlers on up. 

example of sensory bin activities with letters and scoops

I’ve found some great ideas to share with you and these are just a few. In fact, there are loads of simple, fun, and interesting sensory bin activities that moms and dads can pre-make and set aside for their little learners. 

Alphabet Sensory Bin Activities

1. ABC Beads

First of all, a sensory bin staple with some alphabet beads and tongs hits many skills. Not only do little ones have a chance to get to practice finding the alphabet, but they also use fine motor skills and develop their concentration in this Learning Letters with Littles Hands sensory bin activity.

2. Birdseed ABC Sensory Bin Activities

Above all, using things you have around your home in novel ways is the sensory bin way. For example, in this AB ‘Seed” Sensory Bin activity, little ones get to match letters of the alphabet while playing in a fun birdseed sensory bin. In case you don’t have birdseed laying around, you can substitute with other sensory bin fillers – raw corn kernels, split peas, or beans.

3. Cookie Sheet ABC Sensory Activity 

Magnetic letters, pictures, and a cookie sheet are featured in this Alphabet Sensory Bin Activity. Without a doubt, this bin is simple to set up and can be done in the kitchen while you cook up lunch, a snack, or dinner. Meanwhile, your kiddo can bake in their letter knowledge.   

4. Alphabet Puzzle Sensory Bin Activities

Additionally, this alphabet sensory bin video shows how little ones can explore their letters, letter sounds, and practice small motor skills.  

5. Garden-Themed ABC Sensory Bin

Without a doubt, your little ones will adore this fun sensory play activity. In this Peas and Carrots Alphabet Sensory Bin, letter recognition and pre-writing skills are developed as young children not only recognize their letters but also use clothespins to dig them out of the garden. Don’t have clothespins? Use tweezers.

6. Magnetic Sensory Bin Activities

When you want to bring in a bit of science play, this Magnetic Alphabet Sensory Bin is sure to be a hit. Little ones use a magnet to attract the letters and match them. Consequently, magnets were always a hit in my classroom so I can only imagine it will be the same in your home. 

7. Beach-Themed Sensory Bin Activity

Finally, take a trip to the beach with this Seashell Alphabet Activity. Whether you teach your child to recognize their letters or use their seashells to spell simple words, they will practice important skills all while digging and scooping sand as they would at the beach.  

I hope you enjoy using these fun alphabet sensory bin activity ideas to teach your little ones their letters in the most fun way possible. Let us know in the comments below which of these sensory bin activities you tried!

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