Heya ?? I’m  Korbalagae.  I taught kindergarten, preschool and first grade for 15 years and in three different countries before transitioning to a support role for my fellow early childhood educators. On this site you’ll find simple, practical printable kindergarten activities that teachers can use to help children learn how to read. I used these same types of resources over the years to help me get my kiddos reading in English though in my time teaching internationally many were not native English speakers. I also love talking about how to teach kindergarten children so I hope you’ll check out my blog articles.

I started Yassah-Rose Early Learning as a place where  teachers can come for high-quality resources and information. I also share tips, tools, and techniques that can be used to design balanced play-based learning experiences for young children.

This company, named after my two grandmothers (Grandma Yassah and Grandm Rose), was born out of the love of learning they both shared and passed onto my parents. I hope you value my content and resources. If you’re looking for specific answers please reach out to me or leave a comment! I love talking about all things related to early childhood education.

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