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Teaching reading fluency can be a daunting task for both young readers and teachers alike. But if you’re planning to help a rising reader who has just begun knowing letters and words then it is a part of the ins and outs of reading.  

If you notice your kid trying to read and pronounce difficult words and you see them losing interest in every next sentence, you may think to yourself, “What am I missing when it comes to teaching them?” If you are familiar with this question and have already asked yourself, join the club.

Do you remember when your child spoke his first word? Do you recall their struggle with pronouncing their “Ths” and “Ls”? Obviously, nearly every child experience that. Kids learn to read and improve their reading fluency in the same way as they learn to talk. However, it’s your responsibility to help them practice and become fluent readers.

With years of practice and experience, I have developed these 12 activities that can help improve your child’s reading fluency every day.

Fun Teaching Reading Fluency Ideas

1. Begin with anchor charts

When introducing the basics of reading fluency, you will never feel any shortage. Place anchor charts around your home or homeschool room to help your child memorize the important rule like vowel blends, silent E, and soft and hard C & G. 

2. Color in the things starting with the letter

Additionally, getting the hang of the beginning sounds is a great way to get your child comfortable with reading. For example, have your child color the words that begin with a similar sound on these beautiful activity sheets from The Measured Mom.

3. Make words with the help of a chart containing beginning sounds

Another thing you can try is using these free printout copies and printable charts from This Reading Mama to help your kids improve their phonics.

4. Help them learn with clip wheels

Mix phonics with fine motor skills and practice with these digraph wheels.

5. Slap the sound

Improve your kid’s reading fluency by practicing this interesting and fun activity when you slap the sound of every letter by using a flyswatter.

6. Walk over it

This fun activity from Coffee Cups and Crayons gets your little one up and moving. Simply write words in a sidewalk pattern and let your kid walk over them, sounding the word out aloud.

7. Play the swap one game

In this game, the kids can change one letter to create a new word that is represented in the picture. They can change the place of the first, middle, or last letter.

8. Toss and Mix with plastic cups

Next, check out this fun game from Education.com.  In order to play this fun phonics game, grab a pile of ping pongs and plastic cups. Add different letters as a label to each cup and set them out.

leftover plastic cups for teaching reading fluency

9. Blend and match cups to create words

Did you just have a gathering and have some cups remaining? Well, label them with words or letters, then mix them and make a complete word. This is a particularly fun way to work on sight words on CVC.

10. Scooping

Another great way to help your child read smoothly is to use their fingers to scoop. Teach your child to scoop their fingers under sets of words to make phrases within the sentence. 

Overall, teaching reading fluency can be fun for parents, teachers, and of course, children! Since kids learn best through play, it is important to incorporate fun activities into their learning. Let us know in the comments below which activity you tried with your child!

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