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Basically each February, children look forward to fun activities for Valentine’s Day. Obviously, the chance to spend the day with their classmates trading cards and eating chocolate is always exciting. But for teachers, it’s also an educational opportunity. On this occasion, spend your February filling your classroom with these fun valentines activities for kindergarten!

1. Writing Valentine's Day cards

Certainly, every child’s favorite of the Valentine activities for kindergarten is getting a chance to make cards. It’s a great way to encourage kids to be creative while also getting lots of great practice writing. Of course, students will want to make some cards for their friends, classmates, and parents. Also, you can encourage them to make cards for other people like the janitors, librarians, and cafeteria staff.

write some valentine's day vocabulary words where the students can see and reference them while writing

Additionally, encourage children to write what they love about the card’s recipient. In order to help them accomplish this, write some Valentine’s Day vocabulary words on the whiteboard or somewhere where the students can see and reference them while writing. This can help them incorporate some new words into their cards. For example, display words like “love,” “friendship,” “heart,” and “appreciate” to provide some challenging vocabulary for the class.

Then, once they have written their cards, they can decorate and embellish them to their heart’s delight. In fact, creative crafts like using glue, scissors, buttons, and ribbon will also build fine motor skills. While they might not seem like writing practice, building fine motor skills are critical for writing. When they are done, help students secure their cards into envelopes and address them. Then you can deliver the class’s Valentine’s cards around the school as one of your fun activities for Valentine’s Day!

2. Valentine's Day Digital Games

Additionally, adding digital games into your classroom routine is easy for you and fun for your students. For example, digital games using simple Google™ Slides are often self-correcting so your students can learn without your direct supervision. In order to keep with your Valentine’s Day theme use the CVC digital games found below in your centers. 

3. Activities for Valentine's Day: Candy Heart Sorting

This one is sure to be the favorite kindergarten Valentine’s Day activity of your class! To begin with, start by distributing boxes of Valentine’s Day candy hearts to each of the students. These classic, universally recognized candies come with sweet little sayings written on each of them. For example, popular sayings might include phrases like “Be Mine,” “I Love You,” or “You’re Too Sweet.”

students can then sort out the individual candies based on the phrases written on them

Then, once each student has their candies in hand, they can unbox them and start sorting them into piles. Also, you can pass out a paper that outlines where to sort their different piles, or you can offer them disposable bowls. You might even invite them to create special containers for them out of the discarded boxes the candies came in.

Then, students can sort out the individual candies based on the phrases written on them. To illustrate: they will remove each candy, identify the phrase on it, and put it in its appropriate pile. Kids will love this activity for its fun candy theme. They can even eat some candy when they’re done! Not only is identifying and sorting great for their reading skills, but also for cognitive and critical thinking skills.

4. Valentine's Day Read Aloud

The best Valentine’s Day activities for building literacy are reading together as a classroom. Obviously, reading is the best way to improve reading comprehension, vocabulary, and verbal skills. There are lots of incredible books about Valentine’s Day that you can read together. Also, you can use books specifically about the holiday or ones related to its themes. For example, books about friendship, affection, appreciation, and card writing will all fit with Valentine’s curriculum.

Then, after each book reading, discuss the book with the class. For example, ask them to recall events of the book and offer insight about the characters. Then, ask them to reflect on the events of the book and relate them to their own life. Books about Valentine’s Day might make children think about the ones in their own life that they love.

Next, extend the learning by taking words or concepts from the book and including them into the rest of your curriculum. For example, choose a few words to be vocabulary words or incorporate the story into math learning.

5. Activities for Valentine's Day: Letter Jewelry Making

Jewelry is a fun present for children to make for their friends and family for exciting Valentine’s activities. It’s also a great chance to introduce spelling and writing into your Valentine’s Day crafts! Kids can use this activity to make a special necklace or bracelet for a friend or family member. To start with, provide children with basic string and some colorful beads. Popular colors for Valentine’s Day are white, red, and pink, but there’s no rules!

activities for valentine's day: show them how you can use the letters to spell out different words on the jewelry

Also offer children beads that feature small letters. Show them how you can use the letters to spell out different words on the jewelry. They might want to spell out the name of a friend, the sentence “I love you,” or some other special message. You can have some love-themed vocabulary words on the whiteboard during this time. Then children can reference those words and try to spell them on their jewelry.

Jewelry making is also a great activity for honing fine motor skills. The strength of fingers needed to carefully thread beads will also improve their writing utensil control. This will build their handwriting abilities and overall writing skills.

Kids can exchange the jewelry amongst themselves, include it as gifts with Valentine’s cards, or take it home. These beautiful pieces of jewelry make for one of many fun activities for Valentine’s day and soon your whole classroom will be wearing beautiful and thoughtful jewelry!

Activities For Valentine's Day Fun!

Overall, there are so many great Valentine’s Day Activities for your kindergarten class. These activities are sure to get your kids excited to celebrate! Which activities will you try with your class? Leave a comment below!

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