Christmas activities for kindergarten are chance to celebrate important holidays with students is not just a fun way to spend classroom time. Centering activities around current events can help students build cultural and social knowledge. There’s no time of year like Christmas for kindergarten activities! As kids get more excited for the coming holiday, you can direct their energy towards learning. Their endless enthusiasm will fuel their motivation to focus on their activities and participate in the class. To spend the holiday season learning about reading and writing, try these ideas for Christmas activities! 

1. Writing Letters To Santa

What better way to get into the Christmas spirit than writing to Saint Nick himself! Ask kids to sit down and write out a list of what they’d like for Christmas in their list. Letter writing is an important skill, including formatting and structure. Talk about how to structure a paragraph, ask nicely, and address an envelope. They’ll be highly motivated to write the best letter possible to get on Santa’s nice list! After they’re done, students can decorate their letters and envelopes with Christmas illustrations. Then as a class, you can put on stamps and send them off to Santa! It’s also a great keepsake to send home as Christmas activities for the family of the student.

2. Christmas Anagramse

Anagrams are a great way to learn about word construction and spelling and just one a few fun Christmas activities for kindergarten. Doing so with fun Christmas-themed vocabulary makes it even more fun! Give each student letter cards that spell out a Christmas-themed word. Good words to use might be “Reindeer,” “Christmas,” “Ornament,” or “Sleigh.” Then ask students to rearrange those letters to create as many words as possible. They’ll have so much fun trying to create the most words possible! Then students can compare at the end to see who found the most anagrams. You can give each child the same word, or give everyone their own unique problem. Using physical cards is a great way to help tactile learners in your classroom. They can move the cards around to see the words form for themselves.

3. Fill In The Blank Christmas Edition

Fill-in-the-blank is a great way for children to learn about reading comprehension and context clues. Give students a passage of text about Christmas with several keywords missing. You can include which words are missing in a word bank at the bottom of the page. Students read through the passage and try to determine which words are missing from each sentence. Students might be reading through the sentence “Santa came to eat milk and ______.” They have to determine which word is missing from the sentence and fill it in. This helps children build reading skills, deductive reasoning, and critical thinking. These Christmas activities sheets are also very easy to find and plan, so you save yourself lots of time.

4. Short Story Reading Comprehension

Spending some time practicing reading and comprehending stories is a great way to build reading skills. Provide students with a short passage from a Christmas story or lyrics to a Christmas song. Then students can read it and answer a short series of questions about what they’ve read. Their attention will be held by the fun festive theme, and they’ll build story recall and critical analysis skills. This skill will be very important when students reach the age of standardized testing. Building the foundation now is very important for their future academic success.

5. Snowflake Tracing

Christmas activities for kindergarten are also great for struggling students. For students who struggle with writing precisely and cleanly, tracing can be a very useful tool. They can get some good practice of using their writing utensils carefully and making straight lines. Giving students some tracing worksheets of various snowflake designs is a great way to get them practicing. This will improve their handwriting and skills with a writing utensil. You can even then give them the opportunity to design their own snowflake pattern. When they’re done, you can display them around the classroom for some beautiful holiday decoration!

6. Christmas Read Aloud

There’s nothing that building reading skills more than reading a story aloud together! There are so many wonderful Christmas books to read with your kindergarten class. You could read several books for the entirety of December and never have to repeat one! After each read-aloud session, spend some time discussing the plot of the book with the class. Thinking critically about the book builds their working memory and reading comprehension. Asking students about their favorite part or asking them to insight a character’s feelings will make the experience very impactful. You can extend the learning by having some of your other Christmas activities themed around the day’s story.

7. Christmas Writing Prompts

For some great writing practice, have students write their own Christmas story or journal entry! You can prompt students to write something new each day for the whole month of December. Offer students writing prompts that inspire imagination. Ask them to create their own reindeer for Santa’s sleigh, or to write about their favorite Christmas tradition. You might ask about the best Christmas present they’ve ever received, or what they eat as a family on Christmas. Kids are so excited for Christmas each year, they’ll have plenty to write about! You can bind all of these writing entries into a single book to send home with kids as their Christmas journal. It will make a beautiful keepsake for families to see their child’s original writing about the holidays!

8. Stocking Creation

Time to hang some stockings by the fire! Part of creating a stocking is writing the recipient’s name on the top. That makes stocking creation a great opportunity for some name-writing practice! Students can then write more on their stockings if they like or simply decorate them. You can give kids fabric markers, glitter, glue, buttons, and other materials for decorating. When throwing a Christmas party for your classroom, this is one of the best Christmas activities with family participation! Have parents help their child write their name and decorate their stocking. Then they can take them home to use in their own celebrations!

9. Christmas Dot-To-Dot

Dot-to-dot Christmas activities for kindergarten are a great way to build writing skills. Students build their fine motor skills and get practice using writing utensils with precision. The opportunities for fun dot-to-dot pictures are endless, too! You can have them make dot-to-dot snowmen, candy canes, or reindeer. This is also a great way to make a fun activity that’s easy to plan. You can make your Christmas activities printable and easily distributed so you don’t have to spend lots of time planning!

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