Improving reading fluency is something every parent, teacher and child is concerned about whether they know it or not.

Reading fluency is the top needed skill for your child to master in the early elementary. It’s the ability to read effortlessly, accurately, and quickly with expression. Fluency is as important as knowing phonics, understanding the sight words, and comprehending what is written. Kids who read aloud, read in small parts, and add appropriate expression and intonation. Their reading sounds natural, just like they speak.

Do you know who needs help improving reading fluency?

Sabrina! Because she. struggles. with. reading. And. You. Want. To. Improve. It.

If you are living with a reader who reads like this and trips over words. You feel reading for her is painful and awkward. Don’t get disheartened.

I knew a reader who reads just like he speaks – my former student James. But, Hereadswithoutabreath and I had to remind him to pay attention, read with expression, and follow the inflection in his voice.

Here’s a list of strategies to help your child improve reading fluency. These strategies can be implemented by pairing a younger and an older child, or a lower-level reader with a higher-level reader.

1. Read aloud

If your kid can hear somebody speaking fluently, there are more chances for her to understand how can she read fluently. Lead by example and read it out aloud in front of your kid and often with expression. Kids first hear words, then understand their reading sounds and then implement the fluency.

2. Try choral reading

Pick one short paragraph that your kid can read alone. Have a copy for yourself. After they finishes reading, read the passage out louder for them to hear. Ask them to follow along with their finger as you read. After finishing the reading, read it together and try to match your expression and speed.

3. Work on Phonemic awareness

Many of the kids have difficulty with reading fluently because they can’t recognize the words and how the chunks of words are manipulated to create new.

To overcome this trouble, I have made this video to improve the reading fluency of your little munchkin.

4. Have your kid listen and follow audio recordings

A huge listening library can be a perfect choice. You can borrow audiobooks from a library and add them to your listening center. These recordings contain the voices of professional voice actors and they improve your kid’s expressions and phrasing along with the pace and tone of the skilled readers.

5. Use playful activities to practice sight words

When kids can recognize words by sight, they’re less probable to sound like choppy readers. You can use printables and other games to practice sight words.

6. Practice repeated reading

Choral reading and echo reading are both examples of repeated reading. You can pick a small paragraph of 100-200 words and ask your kid to repeat the words after you. You can set a timer and ask your kid to note how many words he/she reads in 1-2 minutes. Also, make a graph to show your kid’s progress.

Lastly, the ideal way to work on improving reading fluency for your kid is by motivating her to read more often while keeping accuracy, speed, and expression in mind. Remember, practice makes a man perfect! More reading will make her a more perfect reader!

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