How to unlock reading skills for kindergarten children.
For kindergarten teachers and parents
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I now understand why some of my kinders struggled with reading and how I can better teach them. Excellent training!
Kathrin D.
Kinder Teacher & Mom
Teaching reading can and should be fun for both children and the adults teaching them. That is if you understand the structure and process. This masterclass gives you just that. Come in and understand the keys you need to make your kinders love reading for life while decreasing your stress!

Topics Included:
Come get the clarity you desire
Many teachers and parents are looking for the keys to unlock reading for young children. Leave this masterclass with the clarity you need to begin teaching reading with new confidence. Add the fun and ease back into reading lessons with the keys you'll receive.
About The Host
I am a leading expert in the area of early childhood with over 18 years of experience in the United States of America (USA), United Arab Emirates (UAE), The Republic of Cameroon and the Republic of Liberia. I am also a passionate advocate for early childhood professionals, as research and practical application has shown the adults in a child’s life have the greatest impact. It is my belief that early childhood practitioners need and deserve professional support and recognition to ensure young children have the best start possible. I also recognizes the importance of the home-school connection and encourages settings and schools to establish strong, clear partnerships with parents.
Korbalagae Kuawogai
Founder, Yassah-Rose Early Learning & Early Childhood Education Expert
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