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Teach Kindergarten Reading Skills for only $99.97
You know your kids will change the world, but you’re not too sure how to get them going. The answer? Literacy.

Kids must learn the basics of literacy from an early age, whether they’re with a stay-at-home parent or nestled into a kindergarten.

Here’s one tool that might just help. The Kinder Flex Lit Kit will equip your kids with the literacy skills they desperately need. Filled to the brim with color and pizazz, this reading bundle provides kindergarten literacy activities that nurture reading comprehension and encourage boundless creative thinking. Our kit will make reading an event your little ones will always look forward to.

Download today and get the over 35 simple to use resources for just $99.97

The Kinder Flex Lit Kit :
Get support teaching kindergarten reading skills today!
Teachers and parents deserve a helping hand to make teaching easier.
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100% Educational Learning Excitement
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The Kinder Flex Lit Kit is perfect for Parents & Kindergarten Teachers
Raising future leaders is your life’s calling. Unlike other frustrated adults, you truly see what lies within these young visionaries. Having been a child yourself, you understand the importance of having fun while learning how to reading and the amazing feeling of comprehending simple text independently at a young age. Our teaching resources and tips will ensure all your young learners grasp concepts, words, and ideas with ease.
Frequently Asked Questions

Basic kindergarten reading skills including letter recognition, short vowel sounds, long vowel word with silent e, sight words, reading fluency, and reading comprehension. 

We’re here for you! The Kinder Flex Lit Kit includes a ‘How to teach Sight Words’ guide for instructional support and you can always email us at for specific help.

The Kinder Flex Lit Kit is based on the latest research on how we learn how to read. This kit is also full of resources that are flexible in how they can be used (Kinder Flex). Whole group, small group, partner or individual learning is supported with these resources. These printables are also simple for both classroom teachers, teachers aides and homeschool parents to use.

The Kinder Flex Lit Kit was developed by a kindergarten teacher and kindergarten curriculum specialist with input from kindergarten teachers from different states across the US. With this diverse input we are certain these resources will work for your kids. 

Great news! The Kinder Flex Lit Kit is available immediately. You will received a digital download and you can access each section as your budding reader is ready for the skill. 

There is no better time than now to get your kids reading.
The Kinder Flex Lit kit will show you how to improve early literacy skills with ease, so your young ones learn while having a blast. Simply click the link below to order your copy and set your child’s imagination free today.

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