We know the importance of children recognizing letters but it is equally important that the know how to letter matching for upper- to lower-case letters. This allows them to understand that just because a letter changes size or shape slightly the sound does not change.

There are lots of fun ways to help children learn to  letter matching. Using songs and rhymes helps children learn their letters. Another fun way is Squirt the Letter from Hands on as We Grow. But if you’re looking for a less messy way to help young children master their letters printables may be the way for you. One printable use common objects – a school bus and a home. Why? Because many children are familiar with the concept of riding the bus

The Ride Home Letter Matching

Little ones know that if they ride the bus they get off at a specific place…they match themselves to their homes. This simple fun activity takes that concept and uses letters.

The Ride Home Letter Matching Activity

Use this letter matching activity either plainly or add some pizazz. Some razzle dazzle.

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Add a road for the buses to go on. Or take play to an entire city themed carpet and let little one drive each bus to its matching house. My students loved our city themed carpets!

Grab a set for your kindergarten students.

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