St. Patrick’s Day activities for kindergarten are a big favorite for young kids! The chance to dress up in green, decorate with rainbows, and eat chocolate gold coins makes the day fun and unique for kids. To help them celebrate, use these fun St. Patrick’s Day activities for kindergarten to direct their excitement for St. Patrick’s Day towards learning about literacy, reading, and writing.



1. Word Scavenger Hunt

Just like how St. Patrick’s Day children’s activities center around finding a leprechaun, your class can find their words! Print out a few copies of each of some vocabulary words that center around St. Patrick’s Day. Include with each of them an illustration that indicates the word’s meaning. Then, hide the words around the classroom. Stash some in desks, in toy bins, or in shelving.

Then, the class can as a group spend some time seeking out the words as they’re hidden around the classroom. They will be on the lookout for those special St. Patrick’s Day words! You can even offer them some clues as to the location of the words to help them along. The class can work as a team or work in groups against one another. The winner might get a special prize, or the class can be rewarded as a whole for finding the words!

2. St. Patrick's Day Word Wall

St. Patrick’s Day is a great time to introduce some vocabulary and spelling words that are new to your students. Some might be simpler for students to absorb, like “gold” or “luck.” You might also add some that are more challenging, like “rainbow,” “clover,” “shamrock,” and “Irish.” There are several different ways you can display them to class. One option would be to simply have them written on the whiteboard for them to see. You could also create a wall display that features illustrations of the meanings of each word.

You can get students involved in the creation of the display by asking them to contribute their own art to the display. Students can work independently or in small groups to create a special display for each word. They can write about the word’s meaning, give an example sentence, or just draw a picture that illustrates it. Then, students can share and present their work to the rest of the class. Leave the display up just for St. Patrick’s Day, for the whole week, or even the whole month of March.

3. Leprechaun Catching Plans

One of the best St. Patrick’s Day activities for kids is thinking of ways to catch a sneaky leprechaun! Either as a class or in small groups, have kids brainstorm how they might catch a leprechaun. Ask them about how they might put bait into a trap, or track down where the leprechaun is hiding. Ask thought-provoking questions, like “what sort of things do you think would lure in a leprechaun?” “How are you going to keep it trapped?” “What if the leprechaun tries to escape?”

Once they have come up with their ideas, children can work independently or in small groups to record their plans. First, kids can draw a diagram of their designs. Then, independently or with adult assistance, write out their ideas on how they could catch the leprechaun. This kind of writing is great practice for kids. It encourages them to use technical writing skills and clearly communicate complex ideas. Their verbal and written language skills will get a great workout, and they’ll have tons of fun with their plans!

You can even extend the learning further by having children build their creations in small groups. Using simple tools and recyclable materials, have them build their traps and then present their work to the class.

4. Lucky Charms Tracing

The most fun St. Patrick’s Day activities are the kind you can eat! Give each student a bowl of Lucky Charms cereal. Then give each papers that have their St. Patrick’s Day sight words written in big, clear lettering. Students can pick their favorite “charms” out of the cereal and spend some time gluing them down onto the paper over the letters. They can create fun patterns, pick their favorite colors, or just go crazy!


This activity helps familiarize children with their vocabulary words. It also is a great way to build fine motor skills and letter recognition. And at the end, kids get to eat their leftover charms!

5. St. Patrick's Day Vocabulary Word Search

When celebrating big holidays in the classroom, sometimes simpler is better. By having something planned for St. Patrick’s Day printable activities, you can cut down on planning time. A great printable activity to use for St. Patrick’s Day is a word search! Children can seek out their vocabulary words in the puzzle.

You can use their St. Patrick’s Day vocabulary words for the week or add some new ones. Finding their vocabulary words in a jumble of letters develops lots of important skills. Students will learn word recognition, critical thinking, and have fun while they’re at it!

6. St. Patrick's Day Journaling Prompts

Journaling is a great way for children to express themselves while practicing writing skills. Of course, it gives them a chance to practice spelling, vocabulary, and penmanship. However, it also offers important practice in sentence composition, communication, and expression. While celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, there are lots of fun journaling prompts that can be used.


Fun questions to ask might be “What would you do if you had a pot of gold?” “What makes you lucky?” “What would you wish for if you found a four-leaf clover?” and “What would you do if you were friends with a leprechaun?”

Students can write out their thoughts and then illustrate them in their journals. You can even give them a special journal just for St. Patrick’s Day. Each day leading up to the holiday, students can work on a different journaling prompt. Then at the end of the week, you can send their journals home as a fun St. Patrick’s Day keepsake for families.

7. Sight Word Rainbow Bingo

Sight word bingo is always a fun way to practice word recognition, but it’s especially fun on St. Patrick’s Day! Start by creating bingo cards with the vocabulary words printed on them in various configurations.  Then give each student a bingo card with some bingo markers. Give them each a bingo marker in every color of the rainbow!

Then you can call out vocabulary words one after the other. With each word, students have to seek out the word on their page. If they find it on their card, they can cover it with a bingo marker color of their choice. The first student to get a straight line of colors across their paper wins! In the end, each student’s card will have a beautiful rainbow of colors across it.

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